Health Fee

What is the Health Fee?

The Health Fee is made up of the Student Health Services and Facilities Fees. They are Category II Fees governed by the California State University (CSU) Fee Policy, Executive Order (EO) 1102. Category II Fees are mandatory fees which all matriculated students must pay in order to be enrolled at any CSU campus.

At San Francisco State University, the fee supports staff salaries and benefits, along with supplies and operational costs of three distinct but interrelated units.

The fee also funds limited maintenance and repair of the Student Health Center (SHC) and to support the current facilities, furniture, and equipment used by CAPS and HPW.

What is covered in the Health Fee? 

All students at SF State that pay the fee are able to access the following departments to take care of their health and wellness.

How can I get the most from the Health Fee?

Student can get the most from the Health Fee by accessing services to support their health. While we strongly urge students to access these services when they are sick or needing medical or mental health support, we also urge student to access these services when they are well. Preventative and well visits with a doctor or counselor can do a lot to prevent health problems in the future. Health Promotion & Wellness program offer fun and educational events on a range of topics and also opportunities for student employment and volunteering. We also offer programs that support students facing food, housing, or economic crisis.  If you don’t need these services, paying the fee helps others who do get services. Spread the word about these services to all your fellow students, and know you are helping others get support.